We do it all.

At Black Creek Builders, we offer unique in-house trade services. Unlike most new construction contractors, we can oversee every step of the process, including electrical and plumbing, with our own people – allowing us to offer some of the most custom new construction services in the Bay Area.

Outside of house

Our client-based new construction process is part of what makes us stand out from the crowd. Throughout your project lifecycle, we are there with you, providing transparency, keeping you updated, and making the construction process as simple and stress-free as possible. With a focus on custom construction services, we treat each project as individual and unique.

What We Do

Multi-Family Residential

When it comes to complete construction services, we supply unique solutions in the Bay Area for a variety of commercial and residential spaces, including multi-family residential buildings. From the ground up, we keep in mind the needs of tenants and developers in order to design, construct, and close on locations where people want to live.

With our experience offering professional construction services in the multi-family residential market, we know the unique needs owners face when it comes to design and durability.


We are experts in designing and offering complete construction services to create usable and exciting mixed-use spaces. Whatever combination of residential, retail, food service, performance space, or more that our clients envision, we can create it. We also provide core & shell new construction for spaces that need to be flexible for new tenants, and we offer remodels and tenant improvement when things change. Mixed-use spaces have specific construction, electrical, and plumbing challenges that Black Creek Builders is equipped to handle.

Inside of apartment

Small Franchises

Black Creek Builders provides general construction services for companies great and small. We love working with small business and franchise owners to help them create spaces that perfectly meet their vision.

We partner practicality with style to help build the perfect place for your business. And when you’re ready to expand, we can help recreate the same feel and personality across locations, accounting for changing location sizes, footprints, and customer traffic.