Make a Statement

We're experts in building an experience.

We understand that our clients need to stand out. We bring a deep history of retail store construction knowledge and experience to every build and remodel to help our clients create exciting spaces that customers will want to come back to time and again.

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At Black Creek Builders, safety is our priority. We’re a tight-knit team, and we care about everyones well-being. We use top of the line technology to ensure that everyone on our job sites whether workers or visitors is safe, and that all work is conducted appropriately. Following safety regulations also helps keep retail store construction on time and within budget. We are dedicated to following all guidelines to ensure that your building is a safe place for customers and employees for the long haul.

Our Product

No Cookie Cutters

We aren’t your average retail store construction company as we specialize in custom solutions for businesses large and small. We take a hands-on approach, making sure our clients feel heard and like their vision is accomplished.
Our retail clients need locations that communicate their brand and personality, meet the needs of their customers, and are functional and safe. Black Creek Builders is unique among commercial retail construction companies for our hands-on approach and individual customer care.


Building Your Brand

Design, layout, light – these construction elements speak to every customer when they enter a retail space. At Black Creek Builders, our experience with construction for retail stores can help you effectively communicate brand identity to every person that walks through your doors.
Brand and vibe can be difficult to replicate across spaces for franchises, tenants, or businesses moving into a new space. We listen to our clients to learn about their brand and apply solutions to help them stay on it.

Retail Store



Standing Out in the Bay Area

As natives, we understand the culture of the Bay Area and can help our clients make smart and informed decisions about their retail spaces.
Our retail store design and construction is backed by deep roots in the community and we are able to offer localization suggestions that nation-wide developers just don’t know. Whether you’re a fellow local or looking to break into a new market, Black Creek Builders has the insight you need to successfully establish your brand.