Building with Experience

Locations that are ready for anything.

Black Creek Builders is a premiere core and shell construction company, providing services in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We work closely with building owners to design and construct base buildings that can ultimately fit a wide variety of needs.

Ice cream shop

We help our clients build the perfect blank canvas. With core and shell commercial construction, tenants are able to create spaces that fit their exact needs. We help you help your tenants by designing spaces that are flexible and adaptable to a variety of requirements across markets. We supply office and retail shell construction in buildings that are inviting and built by experts.

Experience & Skill

We Build It How You Want It

At Black Creek Builders, we work in a variety of markets. Because of our experience with many different clients, we understand just how to adapt a shell for whatever comes next. Our wide array of expertise allows us to think practically about the variety of needs a single core and shell building may need to meet.
We are experienced in core and shell construction from the ground up. We specialize in core and shell building, from office spaces to retail shell construction, restaurants to mixed-use. We’ve got you covered.


Franchise Friends

Black Creek Builders loves to work with local franchises to offer core and shell services that create spaces designed especially for your business. We understand the variety of needs of franchise businesses, from behind-the-scenes efficiency to incredible customer-facing spaces that successfully communicate your brand.
We work in open communication with our franchise partners to make sure that your vision comes to life.

Outside of house

We Make it Easy

Core and Shell construction is notoriously complicated – especially when it comes to permits and safety regulations – but we can help. With our experience in core and shell building, we’re able to help clients navigate the additional permitting required for this type of construction.
Our in-house experts make the construction process a breeze, bringing their knowledge and experience to bear on the additional engineering, plumbing, and electrical that goes into core and shell construction.